Tuesday, August 08, 2006

All things Gin Blossoms.

Major Lodge Victory, the Gin Blossoms' first new studio release in 10 years, hits the stores today, and it's a good one even though the title is about as cryptic as Fountains of Wayne's Welcome Interstate Managers. It's available on eMusic as well, so you don't even have to leave your house to pick it up. Lead single "Learning The Hard Way" can be streamed at their myspace page.

Also, if you're a Blossoms fan, make sure you pick up Simple Minded Way, the latest from Robin Wilson's side project, The Longshadows. The samples are non-existent at the cdbaby page linked above, but you can check out a few tracks at The Longshadows' myspace page. It's mellower than typical Gin Blossoms fare, but still a recommended disc.

Finally, although it's not new, guitarist Jesse Valenzuela's 2002 release Tunes Young People Will Enjoy is a great disc as well; it probably would have made at least my top 20 of that year. Right now, it's out of stock on CD Baby, but the interested and resourceful among you can find it I'm sure - that's what Google is for.

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