Sunday, August 27, 2006

There's a new sheriff in town (Top 33 1/3 updated).

Given this blog's symbiotic tie with Supraluxe and how great their disc is, it's not without some hesitation that I report its toppling from my #1 spot of 2006, where it's stood since the inception of Absolute Powerpop. But that day has come, and it's thanks to an Aussie who records under an assumed name. Those who read regularly will know that I'm speaking of Bob Evans and his new release Suburban Songbook. It was sometime over the weekend when I heard the horns kick in on "Comin' Around" that I said to myself, "this album is really, really great". So I started listening to it over and over, and virtually every track confirmed that diagnosis.

I had planned on doing an update at the end of the month to commemorate the two-thirds mark of the year, but given that I'm tryin' to reason with hurricane season and unsure of whether I'll even have power on September 1, I'll provide the update a few days early. Also note the fairly high perch given to The Format's Dog Problems, another disc that wasn't quite on my radar when the previous list was compiled in early July. So without further ado, here's the latest list:

1. Bob Evans-Suburban Songbook
2. Supraluxe-Supraluxe
3. Andrew LeDrew-Ladies Lookout
4. Rhett Miller-The Believer
5. The Format-Dog Problems
6. Chris Brown-Now That You're Fed
7. The World Record-Guitars Forever
8. Copperdown-Something True
9. David William-One Way Ticket
10. Gregg Swann-Everybody's Got to Be Somewhere
11. Geoff Smith & The Tonewheels-S/T
12. Cheap Trick-Rockford
13. Jeff Larson-Swimming In The Make Believe
14. Monkeeman-Monkeeman
15. Edmund's Crown-Regrets of a Company Man
16. Fresh Mowed Lawn-Fresh Mowed Lawn
17. Red Guitar-Beauty Will Save The World
18. The Hazey Janes-Hotel Radio
19. Travis Hopper-All The Lights In The City Tonight
20. The Nines-Calling Distance Stations
21. Justin Levinson-1175 Boylston
22. Phil Ayoub-Schoolbus Window Paper Heart
23. Orson-Bright Idea
24. Pop Is Art-Epiphany (technically 2005 I think, but recently uncovered).
25. The Rewinds-The Rewinds
26. Third Floor Story-Songs From The City
27. Gary Henson-The Coast Is Clear
28. Warren Zanes-People That I'm Wrong For
29. Willie Nile-Streets of New York
30. The Vestals-Songs About Girls...and Other Mysteries
31. Waterloo-Out of the Woods
32. The Mains-The Higher You Get
33. The Junior League-Catchy
33 1/3. (Top EP): Kit Ashton-Blindsided


Richard P said...

Bob Evans is some terrific stuff! Definitely among the best out there right now. Very meaty and satisfying.

Anonymous said...

yes i'm back, it's miin from melbourne.
i'm soooo glad you're loving bob evans, and my earlier begging of your opinions was worth it.
he's been nominated for a few ARIAs (australian grammys) announced yesterday.
go bob!

Anonymous said...

nines "calling distance stations" an absolute must for 2006 for all pop fans...heck Jason Falkner and Andy Partridge and the Nines...can not go wrong!!

Biscuit said...

I miss someone