Friday, August 25, 2006

Interesting news on the new Pernice Bros. record.

Last month we mentioned the release of "Somerville", the first track from the forthcoming Pernice Brothers disc, Live a Little, due October 3. Now thanks to their always-helpful mailing list, there's some new information about the album (and it's available for pre-order):
For one thing, there’s the reunion of Joe Pernice and producer Michael Deming, who worked on the recordings of Joe’s previous band, the Scud Mountain Boys, as well as the very first Pernice Brothers record, Overcome By Happiness. This one has strings and horns, which has not been part of the formula (and it IS indeed a formula) since OBH. But, and this is a mighty exception, it’s much more of a rock record than that was, representing the running of big fat analog tape while sweaty guys played loud rock music on well-crafted instruments through amplifiers and pounded on sweet, old, drum kits.
But the most intriguing news is that the album will contain an updated version of the Scud Mountain Boys' (Joe Pernice's previous band) classic "Grudgef***". However, this version will be different:
instead of the gentle, almost lazy, plaintive plodding of the original recording, the Pernice Brothers version out-Badfingers Badfinger and that’s good. You can feel its pain.
Now that I can't wait to hear. "Grudgef***" is one of the best songs Pernice has written; the original can be heard here.

Plus, they have a pre-order that would make Bruce at Not Lame smile: those ordering early with a get a 17-disc bonus disc of demos, etc. Although I wasn't particularly enamored of their last disc, Discover a Lovelier You, the combination of how good "Somerville" is and the news above is enough to make this my most anticipated disc of the year.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, "Somerville" is great and it sounds like a step back, so to speak, to the sound of "Yours Mine & Ours" album. There are lot of good songs on the most recent album, but unlike YMO, it was a bit too overproduced for my tastes. Nevertheless, Joe Pernice is one of the greatest songwriters around and I'm happy with just about anything he does.