Wednesday, August 23, 2006

CD of the Day, 8/23/06: Rob Laufer-The Iron Age

Rob Laufer is a pro. A pro's pro, in fact. He's played George in Beatlemania, he's played with Frank Black and Fiona Apple, he's produced, he's written for commercials, and he wrote "Reactionary Girl" (a great track) for Robin Zander's first solo disc. And now he's released his first solo disc in 11 years, The Iron Age. It was worth the wait.

This is a disc that will appeal to fans of David Grahame (another Beatlemania alum - he played Paul), Jon Brion and David Baerwald (remember David & David?). It's great singer/songwriter pop/rock, and it contains one of (if the not the) best songs I've heard this year: "Did You See Her Dance". It's a perfect combination of Grahame, Marshall Crenshaw and McCartney. There are plenty of other highlights as well: rockers "Inside Story" and "Open", the ballads "Mister Perry" and "Sweet Downfall", as well as the Brionesque "Angelyne" and the jaunty "In The Frame", currently used in an HP television ad.

Four tracks from the disc are streaming at his myspace page, while the full disc can be sampled and bought at CD Baby. There's also a music player at his site, but I couldn't get it to work.

UPDATE: Per the comment from NY Mary, note that The Iron Age is available on eMusic, and her comment also contains a link to her post on the album.


NYMary said...

I just downloaded this from emusic, and you're right, it's terrific. I blogged about Laufer here.

Anonymous said...

speaking of beatlesy stuff.. great beatles inspired band from melbourne. just put up some new songs. i saw them live last week and was blown away! i think you will like.. "just hold on" is currently on australian radio.

their drummer, wally, has a solo project that was nominated for best indie release at this year's aussie grammies.. under "gotye". his album "like drawing blood" is amazing.. also considering he recorded it all in his bedroom. he's had lots of radio play. genius!

tell me what you think :) your opinion is of high regard