Wednesday, August 02, 2006

CD of the Day, 8/2/06: Throwback Suburbia-Eight Tracks

Here it is, folks: the latest band for those of you who loved Jellyfish and The Tories, and love their latter-day acolytes like Sparkwood, Checkpoint Charley, Millicent Friendly, et al. I'm speaking of Portland, Oregon's Throwback Suburbia, who've come of out nowhere to hit us with Eight Tracks, which subscribes to the theory of "all killer, no filler".

As they point out themselves, there's also a Cheap Trick and Butch Walker influence at work here, and opener "Lonely Without You" wouldn't have sounded out of place on Walker's new disc. "The Ride" mines Jellyfish/Tories territory, while "Starting Over" incorporates a more "modern rock" sound a la Weezer/Rooney. These three tracks are representative of the high-energy, highly melodic sound of the remainder of the album, culminating in the proto-power ballad "Do We Cry?".

Fortunately, there are plenty of avenues to check out their sound. You could start at their myspace page, where four of the tracks are available for download. If it's better-quality streaming you want, six of the tracks are in 128kbps aac format over at their site (make sure you have the Quicktime plug in on your browser). And the other two can be sampled at CD Baby, where you can buy the disc for $8. It's also available at iTunes for the same price. Either way, this one won't be thrown back.

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