Friday, February 17, 2006

This just in from the Stopped Clock Dept.

Those who have been with me here since the early days (you know, late last week) know that I have no love lost for Pitchfork. But I will give them props for being right about this one. I really did enjoy Idols of Exile quite a bit last year - it's great singer-songwriter pop. It was just released in the US, but I bought it from a Canadian retailer last summer when it came out up there on the strength of my enjoyment of Collett's first solo disc, Motor Motel Love Songs.

In fact, I even concur with the reviewer's choices of the standout tracks on the album. But I guess I shouldn't give them too much credit; Collett is a member of indie darlings Broken Social Scene, so it's not like they're suddenly throwing out a 7.6 to, say, a Michael Carpenter release.

UPDATE: I'm not doing my job here if I hype a release and don't link to where you can hear it. So sample it here (click on "music"). I don't think he has a myspace page; like James Cooper yesterday, there's a teenager with the same name at the obvious myspace address.

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