Tuesday, March 11, 2008

CD of the Day, 3/11/08: Michael Gabriele-A Puppet's Palace

It kind of goes without saying that we love most things Beatlesque here at Absolute Powerpop. So when Michael Gabriele's A Puppet's Palace came along, it was right up our alley. The debut CD from this Rhode Island artist is going to be music to the ears of fans of David Grahame, Emitt Rhodes, George Prentice and even reminds me in places of Neall Alcott's Rittenhouse Square from last year.

The upbeat "Party for Love" opens things, followed by the mid-period Beatle-sounding "Hi". Other higlights include the Shazam-like "A Candle Burning", the Wilburyish ballad "Inside", and the jangly "Imagine What This Girl Could Do". If any of this sounds moderately appealing to you, get on over to the links below.

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Anonymous said...

This is such a great find. Gabriele has an wide range. I get tired of albums where every song sounds just like every other one. This one has a consistent style, but each song has its own flavor (sort of a "White Album" feel). At least 3 of the cuts are outstanding, almost all of the others very strong, not fillers.