Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Where You Are From.

So where are you, the Absolute Powerpop reader, from? Of course I mean "you" collectively, not individually, as I'd like to think most of my readers are aware of their own surroundings.

Courtesy of the nifty pie chart below from SiteMeter, I see that unsurprisingly the lion's share of readers come from the USA, but coming in at a respectable #2 with over 15% is Spain. This too is not a big surprise, considering how well the power pop scene thrives there. I have no doubt that on a per capita basis Spain is the most power poppin' country in the world. After that, the final third is taken by mostly various European nations, but I couldn't help but notice a 1.0% share for Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (a/k/a Libya). Are you reading, David Bash? I think you have a new IPO location.


Anonymous said...

Spain, is the best option for I.P.O.,after U.S.A.,I'm sure.

lron said...

We wish!!
It should be amazing!

kindapop said...

I sure that we will see it soon here.
It'll be amazing!!

nobody's perfect said...

The IPO location in Spain would be marvellous.

David said...

The spanish powerpopy community is small but plenty of free time (specially to go to concerts....) :-)