Thursday, May 11, 2006

Attention Cotton Mather fans!

Many, if not most, of you reading this blog are famiilar with the late, great Cotton Mather, possibly the best Beatlesque power pop band of the past decade or so. Kontiki is a true classic - no self-respecting power popper's collection is complete without it. Unfortunately, they broke up after 2001's The Big Picture and little has been heard from the individual band members since. But that's about to change. Guitarist Whit Williams (Cotton Mather's secret weapon) and drummer Dana Myzer have hooked up with fellow Austinite Ron Flynt to form Stockton, and they have a full-length due out later this year. The first fruit of their labor can be downloaded here:


If you'd prefer to stream, head on over to their myspace page. While it doesn't quite have the transcendent brilliance of Mather classics like "My Before and After" or "40 Watt Solution", it's a great track. Williams' guitar work is immediately recognizable, and the sound isn't too far afield from Mather.

(hat tip to Jennifer Leduc of the Audities list for bringing this to attention)

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