Monday, May 01, 2006

Top 10 of 2006 (May 1 update).

As promised, here's my monthly update of the top 10 of 2006 so far. Only one change (at the bottom, where Geoff Smith replaces Warren Zanes), but a few get shuffled within the top 10. Travis Hopper takes the biggest drop (from 3 to 7), as I've found myself enjoying the ones which moved above it a bit more.

1. Supraluxe-Supraluxe
2. Rhett Miller-The Believer
3. David William-One Way Ticket
4. Chris Brown-Now That You're Fed
5. Copperdown-Something True
6. Red Guitar-Beauty Will Save The World
7. Travis Hopper-All The Lights In The City Tonight
8. Justin Levinson-1175 Boylston
9. Phil Ayoub-Schoolbus Window Paper Heart
10. Geoff Smith & The Tonewheels-S/T

The Third Floor Story I featured a couple of weeks ago, and the World Record I mentioned on Friday have some potential to crack this list next month once I've listened to them more.

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