Sunday, May 07, 2006

CD of the Day, 5/7/06: Mike Previti-Extraordinary

Mike Previti is another quality artist from the thriving Boston power pop scene (Candy Butchers/Mike Viola, Bleu, The Cautions, Frank Ciampi et al). To date, he's only given us a couple of EPs, one of which was the fine Audio, and just this week he's finally released his first full-length, Extraordinary. Of course giving that title to your debut album is kind of asking for trouble; while I wouldn't term it "extraordinary", it'd call it pretty damn good.

Previti's sound is pretty similar to his fellow Bostonians mentioned above, and some of the best tracks from Audio are reprised on Extraordinary, including the EP title track and "Beautiful", as well as he title track of the album itself, which is another winner and reminds me of Millicent Friendly.

"Extraordinary" is the only track streaming at his myspace page, so you'd be better off streaming from his official site, where "Audio" and "In Again" are streaming along with "Extraordinary". And the CD itself is a bargain - only $6.99 at CD Universe.

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