Monday, May 01, 2006

Wiretree (or is that Wiretease?) update.

One of my favorite EPs of 2005 was the debut release of Wiretree (a.k.a. Kevin Peroni), and it was one of the first I wrote about when I started this blog. So it was good to see (thanks to alert reader Johnston) that Peroni is at work on a full-length and has posted some of the new material at the Wiretree myspace page.

And unlike many bands who put their best stuff on the EP and then struggle to fill out a full-length, the new tracks really sound great. But there's one problem: the new songs on myspace are only 1:15 snippets, not the full tracks. Of the dozens if not hundreds of bands I've checked out on myspace, this is a first, at least when the songs haven't been labeled as snippets. By all means check them out, but it'd be great if we could get the full tracks up there - otherwise, it's more Wiretease than Wiretree.

* Nothing to do with Wiretree, but there's another new David Mead track up on his myspace page as well, "Suddenly a Summer Night", a nice but unspectacular slower number. Tangerine will be out May 16, meaning the rollout of songs is about to stop, and I'll have one less thing to write about each week.

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