Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Absolute Powerpop Top 15 EPs of 2009.

Unlike full-lengths, which seemed down in overall quality this year, this was the best year for EPs in recent memory and as a result I'm listing a top 15 instead of the usual top 10.

1. Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears -Mad Valentines
2. Greg Pope-Pete
3. The Blue Sky Secret-What We Are
4. Cheap Star/Jon Auer-Two for the Money
5. The Library-The Life & Times of Rosa Lee
6. Archie Powell & The Exports-Loose Change
7. Billy Schafer-First to Believe
8. Ryan VanDordrecht-Hurts Like Hell
9. Josh Fix-This Town is Starting to Make Me Angry
10. Codaphonic-Edison's Rival
11. Chase Hamblin-A Fine Time
12. Mathew Street-Plastic Wings
13. Static in Verona-Life-Sized Replica
14. Gerard Masters-Spin
15. Shout With Grass-And Then Again


Rob Merz said...

Thanks so much for adding the Static in Verona EP to your list. In case anyone wants it, its still FREE on

Have a happy new year!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for all the time, effort, work you put in over the year. I always especially look forward to the end-of-year top cd's/ep's lists. It's a very useful gauge to see what I might have missed. I've bought so many cd's based upon your recommendations. Looking forward to reading AP in 2010!

- Duponceau
PS. I'd have to say my favorite this past year was the Tony Cox's "Unpublished".

Rich Horton said...

Love the lists....though I have to say my favorite didn't make the list. Where is "All Here Now" by The New Fidelity?

Are you insane or something?