Friday, January 08, 2010

The David Bash 2009 lists, part 2.

II. Top Reissue Of Recent Vintage

Paranoid Lovesick-Suburban Pop Allegro (Self-Released)

III. Top 5 Eps

1. Greg Pope-Pete (Octoberville)
2. The Parties-Cryin’ Shame (Rainbow Quartz)
3. The Offbeat-To The Rescue EP (Self-Released)
4. The Peppermint Apes-The Miracle EP (4 Real)
5. Los Glosters-Canciones (Florinata)

IV. Top 5 Compilations-Single Artists

1. Pugwash-Giddy (Ape House)
2. The Ace-Awhamalambambang: Recordings & Demos 2005-2008 (Self-Released)
3. The Anything People-Anthology: 2004-2010 (Self-Released)
4. Paranoid Lovesick-Tuxedo Avenue Breakdown (Self-Released)
5. The Mighty Uptight-Technicolour TV Head: Recordings & Demos 1999-2003 (Self-Released)

V. Top 4 Compilations-Various Artists

1. International Pop Overthrow, Vol. 12 (Not Lame)
2. Charlotte Pop Fest ’09 (Deem)
3. The Paisley Polka Dot Picnic Party (Brand Medway)
4. Shindig! Presents-It’s Happening!

VI. Top Tribute Disc-Single Artist

The Smithereens-Rock Tommy (E1 Entertainment)

VII. Top 2 Tribute Discs-Various Artists

Do You Wanna Be In The Show?-A Pop Tribute To The Jetset (Twist)
Forty One Sixty-The Songs Of The Shambles (Blindspot)


Anonymous said...

I'm assuming he meant to say "Greg Pope - Pete" as the top EP, which I agree with. I read somewhere else that if Greg had just written 3 more songs reciting the phone book, then this would have been the top album of the year.

Anonymous said...

I would have to say Great Buildings was the reissue of the year. Mike Baron

Jim Rhodes said...

It's such a great post to read! I like music. That's why I like your blog so much!