Sunday, January 10, 2010

David Bash's Top 100 of 2009, #51-100

The bottom half of Mr. Bash's Top 100 of 2009:

51. The Corner Laughers-Ultraviolet Garden (Self-Released)
52. Evan Hillhouse-Transition (Self-Released)
53. The Brigadier-Time Is A Wound (Self-Released)
54. The Higher State-Darker By The Day (13 O’Clock)
55. Green Day-21st Century Breakdown (Warner Brothers)
56. The Tangerines-In Season (Self-Released)
57. The Grande-The Grande (Self-Released)
58. Your Gracious Host-Easy Red (Self-Released)
59. The Naomi Star-Through The Eyes (Self-Released)
60. The Dukes Jetty-Fine And Dandy (Self-Released)
61. The Yum Yums-…Whatever Rhymes With Baby (Pop Detective)
62. John Lefler-Better By Design! (Goodhang)
63. Steven Deal-Radio Twelve (Seditionary Kitten)
64. The Duckworth Lewis Method-The Duckworth Lewis Method (1969)
65. Rumor 2-Rumor 2 (Rock Indiana)
66. Philip Vandermost-The Long Path (Self-Released)
67. Kyle Vincent-Where You Are (Songtree)
68. Lamar Holley-Confessions Of A College Student (Self-Released)
69. The Leftovers-Eager To Please (Oglio)
70. Tinted Windows-Tinted Windows (Curve)
71. Beagle Hat-Orange Groove (Halftonic)
72. The Black Hollies-Softly Towards The Light (Ernest Jenning)
73. The Milk & Honey Band-Dog Eared Moonlight (Ape House)
74. Zender-Acid Avenue (Sandy Hills)
75. Dennis Schocket-The Cinderblock Mansion (National)
76. Jeff Litman-Postscript (Self-Released)
77. Simon Felton-Failing In Biology (Pink Hedgehog)
78. Shplang-My Big Thee Wheeler (Jam)
79. Tenniscourts-Dig The New Sounds Of Tenniscourts (Sweet Science)
80. The Alice Rose-All Haunt’s Sound (Emerald Wood)
81. The Beat Rats-A Cellarfull Of Rats! (Kool Kat)
82. Madness-The Liberty Of Norton Folgate (Lucky Seven)
83. Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey-Here And Now (Bar None)
84. The Setting Son-Spring Of Hate (Bad Afro)
85. The Help Desk-Peel The Sun (Self-Released)
86. Adam Marsland-Go West (Karma Frog)
87. Hathaway Brown-Keep Moving Forward (Self-Released)
88. The Kavanaughs-The Kavanaughs (Eternal Sunday)
89. The Jetnicks-The Jetnicks (Self-Released)
90. The Tripwires-House To House (Spark & Shine)
91. The Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder-Makes Your Ears Smile (Jack O The Green)
92. Mark Carroll-Dust Of Rumour (High Noon)
93. Johan-4 (Excelsior)
94. Dreaming In Stereo-Dreaming In Stereo (Dying Van Gogh)
95. Jason Karaban-Sobriety Kills (Ascend)
96. Peter & The Penguins-How To Choose A Sweetheart (Not Lame)
97. Pointed Sticks-Three Lefts Make A Right (Northern Electric)
98. Navy Blue-At Home (Bendi)
99. The Reckless Hearts-Get Up And Run (Off The Hip)
100. Strangefinger-Into The Blue (SideB)

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