Monday, January 11, 2010

David Bash's Top 100 of 2009, #1-50

UPDATE: In a bit of power pop blogging synergy, Aaron at Powerpopaholic has posted an interview with Mr. Bash.

The top half of David Bash's Top 100 of 2009:

1. The Madd-The Madd Are Pretty Quick (Excelsior)
2. Mark & The Spies-Give Me A Look (Screaming Apple)
3. Philip John-Master The Monster (Self-Released)
4. The Tomorrows-Jupiter Optimus Maximus (Kool Kat)
5. Throwback Suburbia-Throwback Suburbia (Self-Released)
6. The Resonars-That Evil Drone (Burger)
7. The Lovedays-The Lovedays (Self-Released)
8. David Brookings-Glass Half Full (Self-Released)
9. Curtains For You-What A Lovely Surprise To Wake Up Here (Spark & Shine)
10. The Humbugs-On The Upside (Oddvious)
11. The Telepathic Butterflies-Wow & Flutter (Rainbow Quartz)
12. Wiretree-Luck (Self-Released)
13. Paul Steel-Moonrock (Ray Gun)
14. Valley Lodge-Semester At Sea (Explosive Industries)
15. White Star Liners-The Rural Electrification (Self-Released)
16. Roger Klug-More Help For Your Nerves (Mental Giant)
17. Dennis Diken With Bell Sounds-Late Music (Crypto Vision)
18. High Child-Yesterday Today (Self-Released)
19. Tony Cox-Unpublished (Self-Released)
20. Brendan Benson-My Old, Familiar Friend (ATO)
21. Rabbit Childen-Thou Shalt Have A Time Machine (Clutter Bear)
22. Jason Falkner-All Quiet On The Noise Floor (Noise McCartney)
23. The Chymes-The Chymes (Monophonic)
24. Secret Powers-And The Electric Family Choir (Self-Released)
25. The Laureates-There Are No More Gentlemen (Funambulist)
26. The Fore-Run & Hide (Self-Released)
27. Parallax Project-I Hate Girls (Kool Kat)
28. Jeremy-Journey To The Center Of The Heart (Jam)
29. Chris Richards And The Subtractions-Sad Sounds Of The Summer (Self-Released)
30. The Junior League-Smile Shoot Smile (Last Resort)
31. Jamie & Steve-English Afterthoughts (Loaded Goat)
32. Michael Carpenter-Redemption #39 (Self-Released)
33. Lannie Flowers-Same Old Story (Aaron Ave.)
34. Cheap Trick-The Latest (Self-Released)
35. The Pictures-Kicking Indifference (High Spot)
36. Deleted Waveform Gatherings-Ghost She Said (Rainbow Quartz)
37. Marykate O’Neil-Underground (Self-Released)
38. Grand Atlantic-How We Survive (Laughing Outlaw)
39. The Generous Days-These Are The Generous Days (GD)
40. The Webstirs-So Long (Ginger)
41. The Anydays-Beat Songs (Self-Released)
42. True Margrit-The Jugglers Progress (Youdjinni)
43. The Shadow Kabinet-Smiling Worlds Apart (Sound Good)
44. El Goodo-Coyote (Grease)
45. Plasticsoul-Peacock Swagger (Self-Released)
46. The Mayflowers-Bremen Rock (Rooster)
47. Magic Christian-Evolver (Wizard’s Den)
48. The June-Magic Circles (Rainbow Quartz)
49. Steven Lawrenson-Somewhere Else (Shoestring)
50. The Shazam-Meteor (Not Lame)


Anonymous said...

An interesting and worthwhile list.

-Mike baron

Kevin of Wiretree said...

Excited to make David's and your end of year lists. Ready to play International Pop Overthrow in Phoenix March 5th. As always, thanks for the support!