Wednesday, March 01, 2006

CD of the Day, 3/1/06: Divorcee-Music For Cleanup Men, Breakdown and Inbetweeners

This one flew under the power pop radar when it was released last June, which was a shame. Hailing from Minneapolis, Divorcee has drawn from various pop and rock influences to craft a consistently engaging album. The first thing you'll notice after listening to them is that lead singer Ryan Seitz sounds more like he's from Manchester than Minneapolis. His voice is something of a mix between Colin Meloy, Liam Gallagher and Cotton Mather's Robert Harrison, and there is a real BritPop feel to this one. I even hear some solo Jeff Lynne and Jason Falkner in the mix as well.

Opener "Brand New" sounds at times like Bends-era Radiohead, "Say" is a midtempo number in the vein of Oasis' "Don't Go Away", and they crank it up Sloan-style on the stomping "Blow Me to Pieces". Even the finale, "Outro" (which one would think is 30 seconds of instrumental noodling based on other songs with the title) is a 5-minute anthemic masterpiece. There is one mp3 available for download at their site:

Brand New

That track, plus two others from the album (and one older track) are streaming at their myspace page. There are some used copies going for about $5-6 at the Amazon marketplace, or you can buy it new for $10 at their site. This Divorcee deserves custody of your ears for at least 40 or so minutes per week.

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