Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New at Not Lame, 3/14/06.

What's new? Lots of stuff. They have what appears to be a record 14 discs featured tonight. I don't have the time or inclination to go over them all, so head on over and check out for yourself the ones I don't mention in this post. One of them has already been featured here, the fine new release from The Ride Theory. Here are some of the rest:

Blankety Blank - Is This Your Pill
. This one gets big-time raves over there, and a brief sampling allows to me confirm some of them. They have five tracks to stream or download at their site, and you can sample the rest here. It's a 2003 release, but I hadn't heard of it until now.

The Oohs-Llamalamp. The latest from these power pop vets. Stream some of em here. They have the download links enabled, but I had no luck downloading.

The Red Carpet-The Noise of Red Carpet. Enjoying the sound of this one; Bruce's Jon Brion/Badly Drawn Boy comparison seems apt here. Here's a download:

When You Sing

Their myspace page is here with four other songs from the album.

The High Score-We Showed Up To Leave. Listening to three of the tracks at their myspace page, I have to concur that these guys rock. They claim they'll have some mp3s up at their site, so if you're reading this on a later date, you might want to check in here.

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