Thursday, March 23, 2006

CD of the Day, 3/23/06: Dum Dog Run-Dum Dog Run

From the album cover to song titles like "Mullet", "Jennifer Aniston" and "Psycho Girlfriend" to the band's motto of "LOUD guitar rock that keeps it simple. No wimpy keyboards.", Rick Altizer's Dum Dog Run wins the Truth-In-Advertising Award by a country mile.

Altizer is a power pop vet with whom many of you may be familiar. He pretty much has had the field of CCM (Contemporary Christian) Power Pop to himself (at least until Superdrag's former frontman John Davis got on board last year). His solo records have been fine power pop with a touch of the devotional. In any event, he's gone secular here with DDR, and there's virtually zero chance you'll hear these songs played at any contemporary service at a church near you.

DDR doesn't stop rocking, and the comparisons of Cheap Trick, Weezer and even Kiss and AC/DC are well-earned here. And what makes DDR even more enjoyable is the sense of humor that prevails throughout here. There's even the obligatory power ballad, which is titled...."Power Ballad". There's a cover of the Cars' "Let's Go" as well, which excises the "wimpy keyboards". My favorite track on the album is "Superstar", in which Altizer both celebrates and mocks the desire to be famous ("I wanna be a superstar/I wanna see Ozzy throwing up in my yard"), but there are plenty of other winners here as well, including the three I mentioned at the outset as well as "Gig to Play".

Stream 'em at myspace, sample 'em at cdbaby, and buy from any of your favorite power pop retailers. This is about as much power pop fun as you can have.

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Anonymous said...

This is indeed a great album. Been listening to it now for a few days and it rocks. "Jennifer Anniston" is an instant classic. Rick Altizer is a much underestimated musical talent with a penchant for writing catchy tunes. Grab this one. $10 at Not Lame or CDBaby.