Wednesday, March 01, 2006

eMusic Disc of the Day: Waltham-Waltham

If you missed out on this one when it came out last summer, there's no excuse now. Waltham's (from the Mass. town of the same name) debut album is capital-"P" (as in Power) Pop/Rock. The usual analogs (Cheap Trick, Superdrag, Weezer) apply, but these guys put a fresh spin on things. Plus they get bonus points from me for their ode to a girl named "Joanne", finally giving me a rock song that shares the name of my lovely wife.

For those who want to sample, they have a myspace page here, and some additional songs streaming on their main site page, where you can also download "Cheryl" and "The Fix" if you click on the "audio/video" link.

1 comment:

Kurt's Krap said...

Now you're talking!

Waltham rocks like Rick Springfield's younger punkier brother. Awesome band.