Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hotel Lights and Waxwings on eMusic

Just a quick note that let you know that yesterday's Cd of the Day, Hotel Lights, is newly available today on eMusic, as part of its Bar/None release.

Another great release just added is the 2000 debut of The Waxwings, Low To The Ground. As AMG wrote,
If jangly guitar rock is a dead art form, no one told Detroit's Waxwings. Thankfully, lead songwriter and singer Dean Fertita and his band of merry janglers still keep the faith and hold a torch for the glory days of three guitar and harmonizing vocals as practiced by such rock & roll luminaries as the Byrds, Big Star, and, well, the Beatles.
This really was a good one.

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Anonymous said...

i bought that Waxwing's cd when it came out and it's really good!