Thursday, March 16, 2006

CD of the Day, 3/16/06: Hawaii Mud Bombers-Mondo Primo

What do you get if you cross The Ramones with The Beach Boys? I don't know, but I bet it'd sound a lot like the Hawaii Mud Bombers. Mixing surf, power pop and punk, the Bombers' 2004 release Mondo Primo is 13 tracks that will be perfect for driving around during the summer ahead. Despite their name (and their sound), the Bombers are not from Hawaii. Nor are they from California. They're actually from the balmy beaches of....Sweden.

The true highlight of Mondo Primo is "Johanna Beach". The keyboard hook that underlies this track is one of those that stick in the brain, and it's a darn near perfect power pop tune. No doubt you've heard it if you've ever listened to Little Steven's (Van Zandt) Underground Garage on Sirius Satellite Radio, as it's been a staple there since I first heard it in the fall of 2004. In fact, it's so good it's one of the 300 or so all-time favorites I just put on a 1GB mini-SD card to go in my new toy. And here it is to download:

Johanna Beach

And you can watch the video for it here. There are some other great tracks on this album, including "The Act", "MTV" and "Mr. Menage a Trois". There are some more mp3s available from the album at their site, and if you prefer streaming, head on over to their myspace page (and be their friend for pete's sake, they only have 11). If you like what you hear, buy it at Not Lame.


Chase Squires said...

I've been enjoying the blog, finding cool stuff from it, thanks.

I just got the ep of Jane Vs. World in the mail yesterday (it's from australia, not apparently available to download) and it's a hoot, well worth your time in a Tracey Ulman meets Cindy Lauper meets Bangles kind of way, with some Waitresses thrown in .. the single Subterranian on their myspace is catchy ...

Also, a report on that Vancouver band, "A Single Few", their cd turned out to be surprisingly strong stuff, really fun to listen to, and not at all bad for a gang of 19-year-olds who started the band when they were 14 ..

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't mixing the Ramones with the Beach Boys result in The Queers?