Thursday, February 09, 2006

CD of the Day, 2/9/06: Supraluxe-Supraluxe

Supraluxe's self-titled debut is a good a release as any to start off with on my "CD of the day" feature, as it indirectly led to the creation of this blog. I was so impressed with the cd that I shared it with the Audities list, and commented that should Bruce at Not Lame hear it, he'd consider it "extremely highly recommended". Bruce later emailed me to say that he was impressed with it, and a couple days later, I received an email from Rich Pearson, one of the members of the band. He told me that thanks to my Audities post, both Not Lame and Kool Kat Musik, another online power pop retailer, had contacted the band about carrying the album. Needless to say, I was quite pleased to hear that my recommendation had helped get the band more widely noticed, and got me thinking about trying to do this type of thing on a more organized and regular basis. So here's the blog, which I hope will be a vehicle to get more bands like Supraluxe some notice.

Anyway, to paraphrase the Sex Pistols, enough with the bollocks; what about the album itself? They self-describe it as having "influences as diverse as Steely Dan, Elliott Smith, Todd Rundgren and David Bowie", but I hear a lot of Pernice Brothers and Teenage Fanclub to go with the E.Smith and Rundgren. It's got an early spot on my best of 2006 list. The album starts off with the catchy "Sugar Chalet", and only gets better from there: "Flower" is a great midtempo track, and "Oleander" channels Smith's spirit in fine fashion. "Chemical Fun" is where their Pernice influence shows, and the boys even rock out on "Tokyo".

I'm not finding full mp3s at their site, but you can stream samples of the first 2 minutes of each track at their cdbaby page. If any of this even sounds vaguely interesting to you, check it out - you can't go wrong with this one.

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