Tuesday, September 12, 2006

CD of the Day, 9/12/06: The Mellowmen-Tomorrow's Sound Today

The Mellowmen are from Sweden (not to be confused with Germany's Monkeeman), and despite the album title, play a particularly tuneful brand of mid-60s-styled pop albeit with some modern touches. They can probably be best described as a cross between Rainbow Quartz acts like The Winnerys and The Sails and contemporary Swedish pop acts like The Soundtrack of Our Lives. In fact, I'm kind of half surprised that RQ hasn't signed them yet.

Things get off to a winning start with "I'm Okay", which nicely utilizes piano and a horn section to augment the basic guitar-bass-drums setup. "Out of Shape (Part 1)" follows, sounding like something McCartney would have written circa Revolver. "Make You Mine" has a bit more of a contemporary yet retro feel to it, almost reminding me in places of Ben Kweller. Other highlights include "You Better Leave Now", a great slice of British Invasion pop; the playful "Sunshine Shell", and the Brian Wilson-influenced "I Rest on Her Autumn Leaf".

Try these mp3s on for size:

I'm Okay
You Better Leave Now

A few tracks can also be streamed at their myspace page. Meanwhile, the disc is apparently only available in the US through Miles of Music, an outfit that usually specializes in Americana. And while Tomorrow's Sound Today isn't on eMusic, the EP Get Out of Shape With The Mellowmen is, which features the title track (both parts) and a couple of tracks not on the album, including the very good "It's Not My World".

UPDATE (4/25/07): Re: the first paragraph above - Rainbow Quartz did in fact pick up The Mellowmen (I think they owe me a commission on their new RQ contract), and have released Tomorrow's Sound Today (with a different cover - I liked the old one better) in the USA. And it's on eMusic here.

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Anonymous said...

although i truly love this blog, most of the other bands previewed on this page emphasize the "pop" over the "power" -- the mellowmen are truly one of the first mind-blowing bands that absolute pp has turned me on to - true beatles with a hard edge - amazing! -(must have been the crack binge)