Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Four new Nines.

The Nines' Calling Distance Stations is currently holding down my #20 spot for the year, although I never did get around to give it a proper writeup. It's been well-received throughout the power pop community, so it wasn't a release that I felt compelled to publicize.

What I do feel compelled to publicize, though, is a new 4-song EP of theirs titled CQDX: Transmission Files. It's an odds and sods collection including two tracks recorded during the Calling Distance Stations sessions, and is available download-only from their site for $3.99. You can try before you buy, though, as all four songs are streaming at their special myspace page set up for this release. The real keeper here is "Goodbye Janine", a gorgeous ballad.

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Anonymous said...

This really is terrific, I've been listening for a few weeks