Thursday, September 21, 2006

eMusic Flood.

eMu added 680 titles today, and among them are several that are worth your allotted downloads:

Once For Kicks-In The Dollhouse. Bruce at Not Lame: "Like a combination of the best of Sloan, Superdeluxe for sure, a dash Fountains Of Wayne wrapped in some of the more recent sounds of The Fastbacks playing classic Guided By Voices pop stuff, New Pornographers with a bit more fuzz(think Nirvana on a Raspberries fix or something like that!) and The Model Rockets." Yeah, it's pretty good.

The Village Green-S/T EP. They've just put out a full-length, titled Feeling The Fall, which is OK but a bit trippy-sounding. Much tighter-sounding and much better is their EP from late last year, which makes its bow on eMu. Aside from the Kinks-dropping name, other influences they sport on this EP include T-Rex and Oasis. Had I compiled a best EPs of 2005 list, this would have been right up there.

Patty Hurst Shifter-Too Crowded on the Losing End. These guys from North Carolina are carrying on the tradition of a more rocking version of alt-country, kind of like the times when Whiskeytown really did sound like The Replacements and not a vehicle for Ryan Adams' solo career. This release from earlier this year is highly recommended.

Other notable adds include the 10th anniversary deluxe edition of The Presidents of the United States of America's debut disc (OK, you might not want to blow all 26 of your downloads on this, especially all the bonus track demos. But you can still grab "Lump".); Available Light, the latest from folk/pop singer/songwriter Willy Porter; and the 2002 debut album of indie popsters The Spectacular Fantastic.

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Seattle Powerpop said...


Good to see someone else picking up on Once For Kicks! Even though I'm in Seattle, I missed them completely until about 4 months ago. Of course, anything with Kurt Bloch has a head start on being cool (Fastbacks, Sgt. Major, etc.)! But, I really like these guys.

Just the other day I also realized emusic also has Seattle bands Young Sportsmen, Dept. of Energy and The Small Change, all of whom are great!

Keep up the good work!!
Gary (from the Seattle Powerpop Blog)