Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pernice update.

Just a reminder that Live a Little, The Pernice Brothers' best album since their 2001 masterpiece The World Won't End, is due out this coming Tuesday, and if you've ever been a fan or half-fan of them, this is definitely one worth picking up. All but three of the tracks are streaming in their entirety over at their site (just click on listen for the pop-up window). I'd peg it in terms of overall sound and songwriting quality as splitting the difference between The World Won't End and their almost-as-great debut, 1998's Overcome by Happiness.

Meanwhile, here's a video for one of the more perfect pop songs of the young century, "Working Girls (Sunlight Shines)", the leadoff track from The World Won't End, and the very first Pernice Bros. song I heard. This copy off YouTube is a tad choppy in the video department; if you want a higher-quality version, the same Pernice site link above has it, just scroll to the bottom.

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