Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Still alive.

Back from a 10-day binge smoking crack and holed up at a hotel knee deep in hookers. OK, maybe it was really just a combination of a busy Labor Day weekend, a couple of fantasy football drafts and a relative lack of stuff to write about. Anyway, here's some miscellany to pass on.

* When we last left you, the Pernice Brothers were touting the pre-order of their new disc, Live a Little. Now, they're streaming about half the disc (and adding three new tracks a week, which by my count should mean the whole thing streams in two weeks) over at their official site. Just click on the "listen" button. Among the streamers is "Grudge F*** (2006)", which I had been eager to hear, especially after they claimed it out-Badfingered Badfinger. Having listened to it, it's more the Badfinger of "Day After Day" than "No Matter What", but a nice re-working, although the differences are more pronounced in the second half of the song. I've only listened to others a few times, but it's shaping up to be their best since The World Won't End, and you all know how I feel about that disc.

* All kinds of new stuff at eMusic since I last updated. A couple of new Rainbow Quartz releases are available there: The Gurus' The Swing of Things, and An Amazing Dream from The Asteroid No. 4. These two are much more trippy and psychedelic than another pair of recent RQ releases that I really enjoyed from The Sails and The Winnerys. More exciting is the fact that one of my top 20 from last year, Jim Boggia's Safe In Sound, is finally on the service.

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