Thursday, September 28, 2006

Song of the Day.

Some of you may have noticed on my latest top 33 1/3 of 2006 that there was a disc I hadn't really mentioned that appeared on the list. That disc is Pop Is Art's Epiphany, and its closing track "Smile" is my new Song of the Day (more like Song of the Month, or Song of the Quarter considering how often I've updated it) on the Absolute Powerpop myspace page. It's a really, really great track and reminds me quite a bit of "Mr. Blue Sky". And needless to say, Epiphany is an outstanding disc as well.

You can buy it and read more about it at Not Lame, and if you'd like to listen to the whole disc, you're in luck, because the disc is available on Weedshare. I'm not going to get into explaining the whole Weedshare concept, but for those unfamiliar, the bottom line is that you can download the entire album and play each track three times. After that, you'll have to buy the downloads to keep listening. In whatever format you end up buying or not buying it, it's still a great chance to sample the entire thing. But do make sure you sample it.

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