Thursday, September 14, 2006

New on eMusic.

A few interesting adds to eMu today. They have a deal with Bip Bip Records, the indie Spanish power pop label, and two releases from a few years back worth noting showed up today.

First is The Pictures' Better Than Words. This is classic jangly power pop, and it includes a cover of Matthew Sweet's "Back to You". I'm queueing it up myself.

The other Bip Bip add is Art School's 3 Close Mates. This one is more mod-sounding than The Pictures, or what some would call skinny-tie pop.

The new Holiday With Maggie release, Welcome to Hope, is added as well. This Swedish band has a modern pop/rock sound and we've mentioned them on this blog before.

Finally, added today was a disc recently featured by Not Lame. Although it's more singer/songwriter/americana than power pop, David Wolfenberger's Portrait of Narcissus is a fine release, and "Vespa Girl" is pretty catchy. Wolfenberger's previous two releases were also added today.

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