Saturday, January 12, 2008

Special Bonus CD of the Day, 1/12/08: Clint Sutton-Clint Sutton

Two things that don't often happen on this blog: I post two CDs of the Day, and I break out the siren. But I just didn't want to wait until tomorrow or Monday to spread the word about Clint Sutton's self-titled debut, which will shoot right to the top of my Best of 2008 list. This disc reminds me more than anything of one of my favorite power pop discs of the 90s, Matthew Sweet's 100% Fun. It's got the big crunchy guitars, the sugary sweet melodies, and hooks galore.

Leadoff track "Somebody Told Me" knocks it right out of the park on the first pitch, and will have instant appeal to fans of the great "S's" of powerpop: (Sweet, Superdrag and The Shazam), and followup "Stone's Throw" is virtually its equal. There isn't a bad track here, but to quote Orwell, some here are more equal than others: "Foregoing the Breakdown" dials things down to midtempo, but loses nothing in melody and drive; "Tomorrow" rocks with a Beatlesque bounce; "Theory" adds some nice harmonies and synths to the mix; "Song You Like" almost jangles; and "Watershed Broke" closes the album, not with a ballad whimper, but with a bang. In fact, there are no ballads here to break up things, just 11 tracks that really put the power into power pop.

Just head over to the Baby and listen to the samples. If this doesn't shoot to the top of your "must get" list, please turn in your powerpop enthusiast membership card at the door.

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! just listened to him at myspace and yes, his cd is most certainly worth buying. Great posting.