Thursday, January 31, 2008

CD of the Day, 1/31/08: Codaphonic-The Ballad of Codaphonic

Codaphonic is back. The Nashville band who gave us one of top EPs of 2006, Good Morning Radio, is back with The Ballad of Codaphonic, their first full-length. And as the saying goes, if you liked the EP, you'll love the full-length (which repeats none of the EP tracks - yay!).

For those who didn't hear the EP or click through the link to my review of it above, the Codaphonic sound is bright, hook-filled power pop with a bit of subversive edge a la Harry Nilsson or Barenaked Ladies, with a bit of Sloan thrown in for good measure. "Never Slows Down" serves as both an opening track and a mission statement for the disc, with its crunchy guitars, bubbly synths and enough "ba ba"s, "la la"s to get you going over its entire 1:54. "A Lot Like Me" gets by on a great guitar hook for its first 2/3s, then turns it over to some great piano; "Long Night" is borderline alt-country; "The Most Important Thing" is British Pop with a touch of Nilsson; "Nothing to Do" adds horns to the power pop mix; and "Sun vs. Moon" does likewise in a manner reminiscent of Sloan. Quality all around, and a top 10 of 2008 contender.

So check them out if you haven't already - everything you need is at their site: streams, mp3s and a place to order.

Codaphonic Site | MySpace

mp3s: The Most Important Thing | Sun vs. Moon

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