Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weekend freebie.

I hate to sound like the guy from the TV commercials, but I mean it when I say "ACT NOW - LIMITED TIME OFFER". Until January 24th, you can download for free Fifth, the latest from the fine Liverpool power pop band Junebug. What they lack in imaginative album titles they make up for with quality tunes. Last year's Fourth was in our Top 125, and the three before that weren't chopped liver, either.

So get it while you can. In the meantime (or if you're reading this after the 24th), you can check them out here: CD Baby | MySpace


Now this ROCKS! said...

Awesome! Thanks a lot for the heads up. Also owe you a thank you for turning me onto The Red Button...spectacular. Cheers -Bill

Anonymous said...

you can download all their cds here:

Steve said...

Ooh..nice catch. I didn't have their 2nd disc. Normally I check root directories - as you never know what you'll find - but overlooked that this time.