Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CD of the Day, 7/22/08: Pop Archeology Transmission-It Is What It Is

These guys first caught my attention as buddies of Derby, but although like Derby they hail from Portland, Oregon, they have a somewhat more esoteric pop sound, something like 10cc might sound like if they were indie poppers today. Those whose pop tastes veer in the direction of more baroque, experimental pop will definitely want to check this one out.

"She Blew It Like a Kiss" is a nice, gentle opener not unlike some of Derby's quieter moments or The Shins, but "Paper Castles" ups the tempo with more of an Elephant 6 approach. "Emperor Reversed" is lush acoustic-based pop, while the jaunty "Everyone Lies" treads into Beach Boys territory. There are plently of additional highlights among the 20 tracks here: "Got This Far" and "Wondering Aloud" recall Pugwash; "Break The Spell" wouldn't have been out of place with the eclecticism of The Nines' Gran Jukle's Field; "Midnight Epiphany" is wonderfully dreamy, and "Forklift Ballet" evokes Guided by Voices in both sound and length (1:30). All in all, an interesting and rewarding disc that's perfectly suited for a lazy afternoon with a pair of headphones. In fact, I'd daresay you'll dig Pop Archeology Transmission.

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