Thursday, July 24, 2008

CD of the Day, 7/24/08: Frisbee-ReDISCOVERY

First off, let me make clear that this is NOT the latest from the Chicago power pop band Frisbie. Instead, this Frisbee is Louisville's Aaron Frisbee, who goes by his last name and has come up with one of the best soft pop, adult alternative - whatever you want to call it - albums of the year with ReDISCOVERY. If your tastes run in Michael Penn-Elliott Smith-Neil Finn territory, you'll want to discover this disc.

The slinky "Gettin' It Down" opens things up in fine fashion, not unlike the way Penn opened albums with tracks like "No Myth" and "Walter Reed", while "Everyone" and "Believe" recall some of Joe Pernice's solo work crossed with Sea Change-era Beck. Meanwhile, "Allright" is a top-shelf ballad with a beautiful melody, and the album's centerpiece, the "The True/All My Life/The True Reprise" melody, is a particular highlight - it's a kind of Rundgrenesque mashup between the power pop of "The True" and the piano balladry of "All My Life". Speaking of power pop, "It Must Be Good (Being You)", the disc's most uptempo track, will get the toes tappin'. And things close in fine fashion with "I Want You Back", which starts off as a bluesy, almost country-rock number a la Bonnie Raitt but then shifts back into the overall sound of the album.

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering why you no longer mention music available on emusic anymore? This CD is on emusic as well. But for months now you haven't made mention of any of the albums you write about being available on emusic. Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Oooops...I just saw where you did list the new Telepathic Butterflies disc being on emusic. But you haven't mentioned emusic as much as you used to. Anyway, keep up the good work. Thanks.