Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CD of the Day, 7/29/08: Sugar High-Let The Sunshine Out

When you look up "power pop" in the dictionary, don't be surprised to see a picture of Sugar High. The Arizona band has regrouped to release the long-awaited followup to 2001's Saccharin & Trust, and they draw from Cheap Trick (there's a cover of "Oh Candy" here), The Shazam, and other power pop luminaries who emphasize loud guitars and uptempo tunes.

"Scatter" gets this point across immediately, all crunchy riffs and hooky melodies, reminiscent of Ike. "Going/Again" adds some jangle, making the track sound like a more rocking version of the Gin Blossoms. Elsewhere, they follow the formula with various interesting touches: "Tainted" throws what sounds like a sitar into the background mix; "My Star", possibly my favorite on the disc, adds some piano; "It's All Right The Way You Live" incorporates acoustic guitars and chimes; and the wonderful closer "Around You" is heavy on the harmonica. If you want something that's classic power pop yet radio-ready and won't draw any snide looks from your non-powerpop-loving friends, this is the disc to get.

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