Monday, July 14, 2008

Freebie of the Year!

Bleu and Mike Viola are at it again. The last time they teamed up was for the L.E.O. project, and we all know what a success that was. Now they've joined forces as The Major Labels, and their disc Aquavia is available for free download at if you give them three email addresses to pass on, or you can "pick a price" to pay for the download. (And to be ultra-helpful, I've included a widget for it in this post).

Like some other recent releases, this is as meta as it gets (the band title, many of the tracks), but that's OK. I don't need to get into a track-by-track thing, because it's Bleu. And it's Mike Viola. And it's not Gregorian chants or dissonant electronic music, it's the two of them in their pop milieu. And it's free. So why are you still reading this and not clicking below?

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