Monday, August 04, 2008

CD of the Day, 8/4/08: The Jellybricks-Goodnight to Everyone

The Jellybricks are never going to be know as prolific, releasing their last three discs in 1999, 2004 and now, but as long as this Pennsylvania band is going to put out discs like Goodnight to Everyone, we won't complain about the next one probably not coming out until 2012 or 2013. Bringing us power pop with a capital "P", the 'Bricks bring to mind statemates Ike (former Ike Cliff Hillis produced their previous disc, Power This), as well as Matthew Sweet and The Tories. Saul Zonana co-produced, played on and mixed several of the tracks, and his fans should enjoy this one as well.

"Eyes Wide" is a great, fast-paced opener that draws the Ike comparisons, and it's followed by the title track, a classic power pop number with an indelible chorus. (By the way, while titling a disc Goodnight to Everyone might seem like it's a swan song for the band, thankfully there's no indication that that's the case here). "Ruin Us" and "More to Lose" are a bit more on the janglier (yet still rocking) side, reminiscent of fellow Northeasterners Smash Palace, while "Nobody Else" might be the best track on the disc, a wonderfully catchy tune with Jellyfish/ELO-like backing vocals. And in a nice touch, the disc closes with "Heartache Begins", the kind of lush, anthemic ballad you just don't see enough power pop bands save for the end. Goodnight to Everyone is classic power pop at its finest, and the 'Bricks can take as long as they want for the next one.

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