Friday, January 01, 2021

The Absolute Powerpop Top 100 of 2020, #51-100

Here we go. Although I haven't been doing the usual reviews lately, it doesn't mean I'm still not listening to new music. So here is the back end of the 2020 Top 100 list with the front end to follow in the next day or two. The usual list caveats apply: I liked all of these albums - in fact, I liked a lot more than 100 albums released this year, so if your favorite seems too low, it doesn't mean I didn't like it, and it also probably means I've listened to a lot more stuff than you have. And of course, everyone has their own preferences, so no two lists will be alike. Anyway enough throat clearing, here's #51-100:

51. The Well Wishers-Shelf Life
52. The Nines-Reflections
53. Skydragster-Skydragster & The Hit Song Writing Machine
54. Gal Gun-Critical Hit
55. Intercooler-Read the Room
56. Theo Katzman-Modern Johnny Sings: Songs in the Age of Vibe
57. Diamond Hands-III
58. The Great Affairs-Everybody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt
59. The Electric Soft Parade-Stages
60. Dave Kuchler-It's Pronounced...
61. Goodman-Goodman vs the Nostalgia Machine
62. Dropkick-The Scenic Route
63. Kiwi Jr-Football Money
64. Toleco Dunes-The Lost Girl
65. Trevor Beld Jimenez-I Like it Here
66. Eyelids-The Accidental Falls
67. The Yum Yums-For Those About to Pop
68. Tommy Ray-First Hits Free
69. Librarians With Hickeys-Long Overdue
70. Travel Lanes-On
71. Mothboxer-Accelerator
72. Tom Curless & The 46%-Almost Ready for the Future
73. The Tummies-9:30 Girl
74. Reno Bo-You Can See it All from Here
75. Bread & Butter-Psycho World
76. Cupid's Carnival-Color-Blind
77. Butch Walker-American Love Story
78. Icecream Hands-No Weapon But Love
79. Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts-Nowhere to Go But Everywhere
80. The Dowling Poole-See You, See Me
81. Open Sound-Album 1
82. The Invisible Strings-Kicking the Sky
83. Sanglorians-Odalisque
84. Ken Yates-Quiet Talkers
85. The Weeklings-3
86. Alpine Subs-Sweethaven
87. Steve Savona-20 Year Session
88. Silver Sun-Switzerland
89. Keith Slettedahl-You Know You Know
90. Devin Farney-Mega Deja Vu
91. Circa Waves-Sad Happy
92. Bill Lloyd-Don't Kill the Messenger
93. The Vapour Trails-Golden Sunshine
94. The Bye Bye Blackbirds-Boxer at Rest
95. Ward White-Leonard at the Audit
96. The Roseline-Good / Grief
97. El Goodo-Zombie
98. Anton Barbeau-Kenny vs Thrust
99. Peter Baldrachi-Slow Recovery
100. Chris Church-Backwards Compatible


Darcen Brandt said...

Open Sounds "Album 1" would be in my top 10 for 2020. Fantastic list, looking forward to your top 50.

Darcen Brandt said...

Other favorites on this list are
Well wishers
Diamond Hands
Trevor Beld Jimenez
Yum Yums
Reno Bo
Vapor Trails
Cupids Carnival
Tom Curlers
Librarians With Hickey's

MrQwerty said...

Yours is one of the lists I always look forward to every year, AbPow. You already have a lot of my absolute and total faves in your 51-100, so I can't wait to see your 1-50. More power to you and if you do nothing else all year, please do keep your best of in production, it's definitely one of the annual must sees and has been for well over a decade, if not nearly two. :-D

Matt Street said...

You guys are so clueless. No "Red Letter Glow" by The Midnight Callers?! That in and of itself takes away all credibility. Peace, Matt