Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CD of the Day, 3/10/10: Rich McCulley-Starting All Over Again

LA's Rich McCulley has been one of the more reliable roots rockin' power poppers over the last decade or so, and he's reached a career pinnacle with Starting All Over Again, a disc whose title derives from the personal losses McCulley has sustained after former girlfriend Amy Farris and close friend/co-writer Duane Jarvis (both of whom were artists in their own right) passed away last year.

McCulley has closely worked with Todd Herfindal and The Meadows as well as being a founder of the Oasis-influence side project The Mains, and his pop sensibilities shine through in his roots rock. Opening track "Tell Me, I'm Listening" (co-written with Herfindal) is Exhibit A for this thesis, a highly melodic track that Meadows and McCulley fans will both love. "Dreams Tonight" is an excellent "Take It Easy"-style number, and "The Last Song" boasts an infectious melody as well, although here's hoping McCulley doesn't follow through on his promises in the lyrics.

Elsewhere, standouts include "Who'll Hang the Moon?", his soulful tribute to Jarvis, the rockin' "Nowhere", the John Hiatt-esque "Waiting on the Sun", and the lively "Falling Apart". Roots-pop/rock albums don't get much better than this one, and McCulley has outdone himself here.

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Starting All Over Again

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