Wednesday, January 11, 2012

David Bash's Top 100 of 2011.

As has become a yearly tradition of late, I turn things over to the esteemed David Bash of International Pop Overthrow for his always-comprehensive year-end lists. Today we'll start by going right to his top 100; tomorrow, the ancillary lists. Take it away, David:

Hi Everyone,

Here are my lists of favorite albums of 2011. As is my usual custom, I've broken this down into several categories, as I'm just not comfortable ranking unlike entities on one list.

Contemporary Categories

The year 2011 marked the emergence of LP-only releases, as well as download-only releases (I’m not in favor of the download-only model, but I have to acknowledge it). Those marked with an * are LPs and those marked with an ** are downloads.

I. Top 100 Albums

1. Kurt Baker-Rockin’ For A Living (Stardumb)*
2. The Secret Powers-What Every Rose Grower Should Know (Self-Released)
3. Wiretree-Make Up (Cobalt Works)
4. The Nines-Polarities (TAS GOLD)
5. Groovy Uncle-Play Something We Know! (State)*
6. Cirrone-Uplands Park Road (Escape)
7. Brandon Wilde-Hearts In Stereo (Self-Released)**
8. The Story UK-Joyride On Memory Lane (Rainbow Quartz)
9. Vegas With Randolph-Above The Blue (Caged Giant)
10. Long Play 33 1/3-Being Nowhere (Self-Released)
11. Pugwash-The Olympus Sound (EMI)
12. An American Underdog-Always On The Run (Pop Factory)
13. Fountains Of Wayne-Sky Full Of Holes (Yep Roc)
14. The Galileo 7-Are We Having Fun Yet? (Teen Sound)
15. The Red Button-As Far As Yesterday Goes (Grimble)
16. The Smithereens-2011 (Eone)
17. The Wellingtons-In Transit (Zip)
18. Pyewacket-1967 (It’s About Music)
19. Brandon Schott-13 Satellites (Golden State)
20. Greg Pope-Blue Ocean Sky (Self-Released)
21. Michael Oliver & The Sacred Band-Yin & Yanxiety (Self-Released)
22. Suzy & Los Quattro-Hank (B Core)
23. Supraluxe-The Super Sounds Of Supraluxe (Self-Released)
24. Ulysses-Ulysses (Self-Released)
25. The Breakdowns-The Kids Don’t Wanna Bop Any More (Rock Indiana)
26. Janey And The Ravemen-Stay Away From Boys (Soundflat)
27. Phil Angotti-People And Places (Our House)
28. The Grip Weeds-Under The Influence Of Christmas (Rainbow Quartz)
29. Meyerman-Who Do You Think You Are? (Pretty Decent)
30. Dwight Twilley-Soundtrack (Varese Sarabande)
31. Beady Eye-Different Year, Still Speeding (Dangerbird)
32. Poplord-Poplord Vs. The Universe (Fowl Tone)
33. Jonny-Jonny (Merge)
34. Dum Dum Girls-Only In Dreams (Sub Pop)
35. Peter Berry & The Shake Set-Berry Go Round (Jansen Plateproduksjon)
36. The Liarbirds-Allegedly (Restless Wind)
37. The Turnback-Drawn In Chalk (Self-Released)
38. Daniel Wylie-Fake Your Own Death (Self-Released)
39. The Vinyl Skyway-Return Of The Dead Surfer (Self-Released)
40. The Dahlmanns-All Dahled Up (Pop Detective)
41. Trolley-Things That Shine And Glow (Easter)
42. The Pepper Pots-Train To Your Lover (Black Pepper)
43. Laurie Biagini-A Go Go Girl In A Modern World (Self-Released)
44. Meet Redondo Beat-Meet Redondo Beat (Self-Released)
45. R.E.M.-Collapse Into Now (Warner Brothers)
46. Simon Felton-Surrender Dorothy! (Pink Hedgehog)
47. Tan Sleeve-Too Big To Fail (Transparency)
48. Freddy Monday-Everything Anyhow (Self-Released)
49. Bubble Gum Orchestra-Out Of This World (Self-Released)
50.Tony Cox-On The Way (Self-Released)
51. Deleted Waverform Gatherings-Pretty Escape (Rainbow Quartz)
52. Allen Clapp & The Orchestra-Mixed Greens (Mystery Lawn)
53. Curtains For You-After Nights Without Sleep (Spark & Shine)
54. The Sugar Stems-Sweet Sounds Of The Sugar Stems (Dream On)
55. The Bad Examples-Smash Record (Waterdog)
56. The Higher State-Freakout At The Gallery (13 O’Clock)
57. Longplayer-Longplayer (Space Place)
58.Tommy Flake-Second Skin (Self-Released)
59. Maxi Dunn-The Neglected Gambit (Self-Released)
60. 8 x 8-The Anatomy Of An Apricot (Self-Released)**
61. Sara Lowes-Back To Creation (Self-Released)
62. The Jigsaw Seen-Winterland (Vibro-phonic)
63. Kelly’s Heels-Playing Into Your Hands (Warm Fuzz)
64. Brent Cash-How Strange It Seems (Marina)
65. Mumble-Happy Living (Marathon)
66. The Davenports-Why The Great Gallop? (Mother West)
67. The Anydays-Move! (Self-Released)
68. Kings Of Last Call-From Memory (Self-Released)
69. Peter Baldrachi-Tomorrow Never Knows (Prodigal Son)
70. Dropkick-Time Cuts The Ties (Sound Asleep)
71. The Ditchflowers-Bird’s Eye (Sunshine Drenchy)
72. The Foxes-The Foxes (Self-Released)
73. The Real People-Think Positive (Self-Released)
74. The Red Plastic Buddha-All Out Revolution (Space Cat)
75. The Color Bars-Prosopopoeia (Self-Released)
76. The Latebirds-Last Of The Good Old Days (Second Motion)
77. The Bangles-Sweetheart Of The Sun (Down Kiddie)
78. The Wags-The Wags (Self-Released)
79. The Cleaners From Venus-In Chimp World (Kool Kat)
80. The Cry-The Cry (Self-Released)
81. Fortune 500-Flavor Of The Year (Self-Released)
82. Skeleton Staff-Psychomorphism (Swizzle)
83. The Real Numbers-Welcome To The Numberhood (Self-Released)
84. 54321-What We Did With Our Days (Crazeology)
85. The Brights-A Trivial Pursuit (Lemon Pop)
86. Your Gracious Host-Sleepers Awaken (Self-Released)
87. Richard Snow & The In Laws-Am I Really That Boring? (Valley)
88. The Feeling-Together We Were Made: Double Album Edition (Universal)
89. The Handcuffs-Waiting For The Robot (OOFL)
90. Sexy Heroes-InterroBang (Pop Detective)
91. Gary Ritchie-Hum, Sing…Repeat! (Fancy Two Tone)
92. The Skywalkers-Year One (Self-Released)*
93. Bowling For Soup-Fishing For Woos (Brando)
94. The Wind-Hear, Em Skear’em (Self-Released)
95. Richard X. Heyman-Tiers and Other Stories (Turn Up)
96. Dreaming In Stereo-2 (Forward Motion)
97. The Bye Bye Blackbirds-Fixed Hearts (Rainbow Quartz)
98. Captain Wilberforce-Ghost Written Confessions (Self-Released)
99. The Cleaners From Venus-The Stopping Train (Kool Kat)
100. China Syndrome-Nothing’s Not Worth Knowing (Self-Released)
Kurt Baker’s “Rockin For A Living” was also released on Oglio as a 6-song EP, but it’s the 10 song full-length LP I’ve ranked here.


Unknown said...

LOVE these lists! However, not all of us are bloggers or David Bash, so we need to know where to BUY these albums. I see many of them on iTunes, Amazon, bandcamp, etc. But just as often, Googling yields nothing but frustration. Even a link to the artists' web site would be welcome.

Captain Wilberforce said...

#Fathermosh - well you can buy no. 98 at ;o)

AJ said...

Supraluxe can be found at
love that band! this is a great list!

Unknown said...

So here's the frustrating bottom line - albums I completely struck out on finding in any form, DL or physical.
Ulysses - Ulysses - not so much as one track to sample
Daniel Wylie-Fake Your Own Death - same
The Foxes-The Foxes - lots of variations on the name "Foxes" out there, none with a self-titled album. Found one with an album called "Last of Many" which is pretty good.
The Wags - also no luck
Cleaners from Venus - some interesting comps and a completely different albums through Burger Records on bandcamp, but only Kool Kat to get these two.
So, if anyone can offer any tips about where to find these albums, it would be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Secret Powers albums are available at;

Ear Candy Music
Open: Mon–Sat 11am-8pm
Sun 12-5pm

624 S Higgins Ave / Missoula, MT 59801
(406) 542-5029

Anonymous said...

Ulysses album is entitled 'Everybody's Strange' & can be bought here:


Many thanks to all!
Luke of Ulysses

Unknown said...

Thanks Anon, but I can't purchase from UK iTunes.

Unknown said...

(Other) Anon, re:Secret Powers - nice plug, but no issues finding their albums!

Anonymous said...

Hello again Fathermosh:
US iTunes url for Ulysses album is:

Many thanks!
Luke of Ulysses

Bubble Gum Orchestra/ Michael Laine Hildebrandt said...

Bubble Gum Orchestra would like to thank David and IPO. A true honor to be #49 on your top 100 list!


Mr. Nez said...

Wow, no Mike Viola "Electro de Perfecto" on this list? Is it not considered powerpop? What other reason could there be for it NOT to be on this list?

Anonymous said...

I got the Daniel Wylie album through his myspace page. I hope this was of use to you.

Ulysses said...

Special Edition CD version of Ulysses 'Everybody's Strange' album (which came in at number 20 in David Bash's list) featuring FOUR bonus tracks - OUT NOW on Kool Kat Musik USA!!!: