Thursday, January 18, 2007

CD of the Day, 1/18/07: Peabody-Peabody

Pennsylvania's Peabody features former members of The Polins and Cherry Twister as well as current members of the alt. country band Wayne Supergenius, and the sound they've crafted here is classic Big Star-styled power pop (a point they make a bit obvious on the finale, a decent cover of "Back of a Car"). In fact, it might be the most Big Star-sounding disc since The Golden Apples' Cooler Jets Will Prevail.

"New Day", "Start Again", and "Movin' On" open the disc and are all excellent power pop tracks, while "Stars" is an excellent midtempo tune. The least Big Star-sounding track here is a great one, too; "Stay" has more of a Jayhawks feel, and undoubtedly bear the influence of the Wayne Supergenius members in the band.

Check 'em out at myspace and CD Baby.

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