Tuesday, April 03, 2007

CD of the Day, 4/3/07: Everybody Else-Everybody Else

I've been waiting for a while to blog on this one, having had an advance for several weeks, but now that it's out today it's time to spread the word on LA's Everybody Else (named after a Kinks' b-side). Their self-titled debut is great high-energy, truly rocking power pop in the vein of vets like Cheap Trick and Butch Walker and new artists like The Fags, Orson and Locksley.

Great tracks abound here. The opener "Meat Market" pulls off the feat of having melody and a groove, while rocking fiercely. "Faker" and "I Gotta Run" keep the momentum going nicely, while "Born To Do" (I hear some Billy Squier) and "Rich Girls, Poor Girls" (I hear Walker) carry the flag for 80s-influenced pop/rock, while "Makeup" is an interesting amalgam of 70s R&B and 90s modern rock. They save the best for last, however, with the closer "Alone In The World", just a great power pop track with an outstanding chorus.

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Born To Do (mp3)


Anonymous said...

I think it's worth mentioning for those that remember The Push Kings that Carrick Moore Gerety is in this band. Keep up the great work Steve! - Duponceau

Anonymous said...

Hey, patron saints of powerpop, Fountains of Wayne, have a new album out yesterday, any thoughts?

Not as strong as "Welcome Intertate Managers," but perhaps it will grow on me ..

-- chase

Steve said...

I'm fairly underwhelmed by the new FoW, and I certainly can't recommend it over the other newer stuff that's out there that I've blogged about.

Competent but unspectacular is how I'd best describe it.

Anonymous said...

Spot on, as usual, Steve - this album's definitely in early contention for top 10 of 2007.

Out of curiosity, have you heard Drake Bell's "It's Only Time"? Talk about a power-pop lover's dream.

I know he's a star on a Nickelodeon kid's show, but good lord does he know his way around a hook. The first three tracks on his record are disgustingly catchy - vocal harmonies, back-up vocals and minor chords galore. And even though it's his show's theme song, I still dare anyone to listen to "Found a Way" and successfully remove it from their brain.

Fans of super sugary-sweet power-pop will eat this up - it sounds a lot like Second Saturday, Scamper, the Wellingtons, Sparkwood and there's even some Jellyfish in there. Just thought I'd spread the good word.

Bruce Taylor said...

Agreed - the new FOW is a disappointment for such a capable band. I loved these guys since their first record -- and Utopia Parkway is one of my favorites ever. But am I the only person who thinks they seem really bored?

Regarding Everybody Else: I saw them open for Sloan at Spaceland a few years back (Action Pact tour) and both bands were great. "Rich Girls, Poor Girls" is a great song.

Anonymous said...

wow, FoW: "bored" ... that's a great description of this album, it's like they went through the motions, many of the songs sound suspiciously like prior stuff ...

I do hope this means they'll tour, however. Caught a show a few years back in Vegas by the pool at The Palms casino and they were great, stayed out there and talked to folks and seemed like nice folks.

-- chase