Tuesday, May 15, 2007

CD of the Day, 5/14/07: The Krinkles-3: The Mordorlorff Collection

Straight out of Chicago, The Krinkles unleash their brand of high-energy rockin' power pop upon the world with 3: The Mordorlorff Collection (the title and album cover being a spoof of MCA's ubiquitous Millennium Collection series). What you get here is classic Cheap Trick-styled power pop along with a touch of glam and bubblegum thrown in for good measure, making for more than you might expect for this subgenre of power pop.

"Dirty Girl" and "Stay With Me" start off the album, and they're a couple of great rocking tunes that not only call to mind the Trick, but contemporaries such as The Fags and Waltham. "Gimme Gimme" is where the bubblegum influence comes in, with the end result being a sort of Badfinger/Raspberries merger. "Sweet on You" has a more modern power pop sound that reminds me of Myracle Brah, while "I Want You" and "Friday Night" bear a Merseyside/British Invasion influence despite rocking more than their antecedents.

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