Monday, December 17, 2007

The Absolute Powerpop Top 100 125 Discs of 2007, #101-125

NOTE: When the series is finished, I will consolidate all of the 25-at-a-time posts into one big post for easier future reference.

As I mentioned the other day, so many discs ended up under "honorable mention" when I compiled the preliminary list that I decided to expand the list to 125. So without further ado, here are #s 101-125:

101. Myracle Brah-Can You Hear The Myracle Brah?
102. The Autumn Defense-The Autumn Defense
103. The Amprays-Low Sun Fire
104. Warm In The Wake-American Prehistoric
105. Junebug-Fourth
106. Simon Morel-Record #2
107. AM-Soul Variations
108. Beachfield-Brighton Bothways
109. Frisbie-New Debut
110. Dead Rock West-Honey & Salt
111. The Storyboards-Stagger & Sway
112. Bobby Sutliff-On a Ladder
113. Dirk Darmstaedter-Our Favorite City
114. Matt Nathanson-Some Mad Hope
115. Ike Reilly Assassination-We Belong to the Staggering Evening
116. Bryan Scary-The Shredding Tears
117. Travis-The Boy With No Name
118. Fooling April-In The Now
119. Kurt Hagardorn-Ten Singles
120. Arthur Yoria-Handshake Smiles
121. Candidate-Oxengate
122. Backbeat-Eye Dentity
123. Stepsonday-Little Light
124. The Lovetones-Axiom
125. OK Jones-Elephantoms


Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying this blog very much. You usually make really good choices with these lists, i'm just amazed how low you rank the Ike Reilly Assassination-We Belong to the Staggering Evening album while for me it might be allmost the album of the year. Anyways i like your tastes what comes to good power pop, you've introduced me to hell of a lot interesting/good albums, thanks!

Greetings from Finland.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see SOMEONE finally mention Matt Nathanson's "Some Mad Hope". WHile not strictly power pop, it's a top 5 disc of 2007 for me.

Give it a listen.