Friday, December 21, 2012

The Absolute Powerpop Top 100 of 2012, #1-50.

And here's what you've been waiting for, the top half of the top 100. A few words on my #1 pick follow the list:

1. Salim Nourallah-Hit Parade
2. Shoes-Ignition
3. Scott Warren-Dyed in the Wool
4. Cliff Hillis-Dream Good
5. Kevin Martin-Throwback Pop
6. David Myhr-Soundshine
7. Jay Gonzalez-Mess of Happiness
8. Lannie Flowers-New Songs Old Tories
9. The Honeymoon Stallions-Moonlighting
10. Ruby Free-Introducing Ruby Free
11. Oberon Rose-Wunjo
12. Sitcom Neighbor-Charm
13. Bill Lloyd-Boy King of Tokyo
14. Gavin Guss-On High
15. Paul Rocha-Crayons
16. Tim Husty-A Step Back
17. Holmes-Complication Simplified
18. Throwback Suburbia-Shot Glass Souvenir
19. Chris Richards & The Subtractions-Get Yer La La's Out
20. Redd Kross-Researching the Blues
21. Secret Powers-More Songs About Her
22. JP Cregan-Elba
23. Jeff Litman-Outside
24. Jackdaw4-Dissecticide
25. The Blood Rush Hour-Shrink
26. Smash Palace-Do it Again
27. The Stars Explode-Between the Lines
28. Aimee Mann-Charmer
29. Wanderlust-Record Time
30. Didn't Planet-We're Going Nowhere
31. AC Newman-Shut Down the Streets
32. Steven wright-Mark-My Plastic World
33. The Breakups-Running Jumping Falling Shouting
34. The World Record-Freeway Special
35. Dave Birk-Speed Queen Mystery Date
36. Stay-The Fourth Dimension
37. Rob Bonfiglio-Mea Culpa
38. Slink-Desert Gem
39. Hidden Pictures-Rainbow Records
40. Jared Lekites-Star Map
41. Latvian Radio-Kill the Static
42. Minky Starshine-Womanity
43. Trapper Schoepp & The Shades-Run, Engine, Run
44. Mike O'Neill-Wild Lines
45. Dan Miraldi-Sugar & Adrenaline
46. Frank Bango-Touchy Feely
47. Eliot Bronson & Yonder Orphans-Milwaukee
48. The Roseline-Vast as Sky
49. The CRY!-The CRY!
50. Electrolic-Live on Land

I went with Salim Nourallah's Hit Parade at #1 for several reasons - it was the album I enjoyed the most, the one that grew on me the most with repeated listens, and most of all it felt to me like a contemporary Beatles album with Nourallah playing all four parts. The wonderful "38 Rue de Sevigne" opens the album with a slow build into full-fledged McCartney-esque goodness, while the title track and "God Damn Life" (which are both thematic cousins of "Working Class Hero") bear a profound John Lennon influence. Meanwhile, the ringing guitars and lyrics that speak of disappointment yet hope in someone else of "The Quitter" feel like George Harrison, while the faux-disco "Travolta" mixes humor and pathos in much the same way Ringo's Beatle tunes did. In the past I've always enjoyed Nourallah's songcraft even though it felt cold and distant at times, but here he takes a warm and wistful look back at life from middle age (life's "hit parade" as it were) and the result is the best album of his career.


Anonymous said...

Nice, many will be in my list. Except Kevin Martin, which was 2011. I wish I could include that in this year's list again. It would probably battle David Myhr for #1.

Steve said...

Yeah I had to fudge a bit with a couple of releases, but the Kevin Martin was so good and went totally overlooked in 2011 so I had to make an exception.

Anonymous said...

Shoes Rule

Rick said...

Wow! Great list. I went over and purchased about 10 CDs that were on the list from CDbaby. Can't wait for them to arrive. One question - no love for Ben Kweller "Go Fly A Kite"? It was definitely a top tenner for me..

Anonymous said...

finally, a list that got #1 right!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments about Kevin Martin (great, super, but no doubt 2011) and Ben Kweller (one of my faves too). But strongly disagree with #1. I just don't get Salim Nourallah. I find it awful, all of his stuff. To each his/her own, and that's what makes these lists great. Another surprise omission - Air Traffic Controller.

Philippe Thivillier said...

Great job, once again.
Thanks for the tons of records I have discovered along the years thanks to your amazing blog.
I beg to disagree on a few choices, though.
Personally, I would have ranked these in the TOP 10:
Hot Freak Nation-Lifetime to Lifetime
Nelson Bragg-We Get What We Want

Besides, there are a few omissions in your list, of course.
I think the following records should belong there:
Knievel - Emerald City
People on Vacation - The Summer & The Fall
Nine Times Blue - Falling Slowly
Peter Bruntnell - Ringo Woz Ere
The Kickstand Band - Puppy Love
The Sunchymes - Let Your Free Flag Fly
Check my RYM page if you feel like it:

Sam said...

Thanks for including us on your list! Glad you enjoyed the music! -Slink xoxo

David Myhr said...

Thank you very much for the #6 spot! I'm really happy to be back as a recording artist after not having released anything since Bubblegun with The Merrymakers (on which we worked with Andy Sturmer of Jellyfish) back in 1998! Things like this makes me think I won't wait another fourteen years until the next one! Thanks for the support!

richrecruiter said...

Thanks for this great list and your work throughout the year. My favorites for 2012 are here -

Oberon Rose said...

Thank you for giving Oberon Rose the #11 spot! We are truly honored. - Tom