Sunday, February 19, 2006

EP of the Day: Frank Ciampi

"EP" may be a misleading term here, since as far as I know Frank Ciampi doesn't even have an officially sanctioned EP for sale; instead, he has three tracks streaming at his myspace page, where I got the picture above. Officially released or not, they're three great tracks. The Ben-Folds-meets-Mike-Viola "Anna" was one of my favorite tunes of 2005, the same influence is on display with "The Same", and "Anyway" is a brilliant Brian Wilson homage.

A while back, Frank was giving away cd-rs with these three tunes, but I'm not sure if he's still doing that. I've emailed him to see what's up, so watch this space - I may have a link to get you a cd-r, or permission to post some mp3s. If nothing else, you have some nice tunes to stream on a Sunday morning (or afternoon, depending on where you are).

UPDATE: Just heard back from Frank, and he told me he plans to enable downloading of the three tracks on the myspace page. In the meantime, he's given me permission to post an mp3:


Click on "download" at the bottom of the page to do so. When he does make them available, I'll disable this link and you should refer to his myspace page.

UPDATE II: Above mp3 link is now disabled, as Frank has made all 3 tracks available for download at his myspace page.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing this out. Really enjoyed "Anna." Reminded me a bit of Jason Falkner.