Monday, February 20, 2006

eMusic Disc of the Day: The Pillcrushers-Welcome to the World

When sifting through the dozens and dozens of new releases that come out each day at CD Baby, I'm constantly seeing some variant of the "If Artist X and Artist Y had a baby, and Artist Z was the babysitter, this is what it would sound like" analogy used by a band to describe its sound. It's effective, though, but getting a bit old. So to tweak it to remain up to speed with current affairs, I'll use this one to describe The Pillcrushers' Welcome To The World: it's as if Tom Petty and Matthew Sweet went quail hunting, and Badfinger was playing on the pickup truck radio on the way over.

They have a couple of mp3s available at their site:

Is It True

Get the 30-second sample blitz of those two and the rest from eMu here. If you're not an eMu subscriber (and why the heck aren't ya?) or if you prefer the feel of polycarbonate plastic in your hands, you can get the cd for a very reasonable $8 at Paisley Pop (should be the first one on that page).

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