Monday, February 27, 2006

New stuff at eMusic.

Here are a couple of interesting releases just added to eMusic:

Badfinger-Say No More. The final studio album released under the Badfinger name, from 1981. I've never heard it, but hey, it's Badfinger.

Hector on Stilts-Same Height Relation. I picked this one up last year, it's not bad. A little quirky, off the power pop beaten path, but worth a listen.

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Side3 said...

I would say Badfinger ended on an up note with "Say No More"... Tommy Evans came through with a couple of nice pop songs (they appearred on "Solid Gold" singing one of them!)...and Joey Molland comes up with a couple of good ones as well. It is better than the first Warners album and more consistent than "Airwaves"

RIP Pete, Tommy and Mike....