Thursday, February 23, 2006

EP (and eMusic find) of the Day: Adam Panic-We All Do

With the power pop demographic probably mostly in its 30s, 40s and 50s, it's refreshing to see young whipper-snappers taking it up. Arizona's Adam Panic just celebrated his 20th birthday last month, but he already has three fine power pop EPs under his belt, including his latest, We All Do.

This one is right up the alley of fans of Eugene Edwards, Big Kid and even the Attractions-era Elvis Costello. There isn't a weak track among the five here, with the highlights being the rocking title track, the hook-laden "Buy Me Out", and the jangly "Peach". And it's available for the price of five of your downloads at eMusic. Or you can spend $4.95 at iTunes, or $8 at cdbaby, which is the best place to sample the whole thing. You can steam "We All Do" and "Peach", as well as a track from one of his previous EPs, at his myspace page. So don't "Panic", just listen.

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